6th SEARAME Conference 2021

Organized by : AME Bangladesh in collaboration with SEARAME

Date : 8 - 9th October 2021 at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Venue: Sena Convention Hall (Gourab), SKS Tower (9 th Floor) (near RAOWA club), Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Theme : Harnessing Quality in Health Professionals Education (HPE) for achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the Context of COVID 19 Pandemic.


  • Share health professionals educational standings and strategies in the country, SEA region in regards to reorientation, changing activities, challenges and outcomes of transformative scaling up of health professionals education in line with global standards

  • Identify common interests and set/formulate common strategies for future action plan for transformative scaling up of health professionals education

  • Explore prospects of national & international cooperation for information sharing, technical cooperation and exchange of resources for the development of health professionals education using ICT

  • Orient stakeholders to the theme of reorientation of health professionals education and country position and strategies in line with transformative scaling up of health activities, education and care to face the health challenges in Bangladesh and SEA region for achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

  • Provide a platform for national and international health experts/ educators and different professionals to expose and share scientific/ research findings specially in line with global and regional health challenges in health workface development towards UHC.

Areas for Abstract:

  • Transformative HPE for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

    • Online medical education

    • ICT in HPE

    • Artificial Intelligence in HPE

    • HPE & Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

    • Transformative Health Professionals Education (HPE)

    • Innovation in Curriculum

    • Student selection/admission

    • Gender issues in HPE (more female medical students and its impact)

    • Preparing doctors for the future (aging population, urban centric care)

    • Nursing education

    • Allied HPE

    • Educational System

    • Innovations in HPE

    • Professionalism and ethics

    • Rural Retention of HWF

  • Quality Health Professionals Education (HPE)

    • Accreditation

    • Licensing Examination

    • Quality assurance

    • Educational audit

    • Faculty Development

  • HPE environment

    • Educational Environment

    • Social security in HPE institutes

    • Student support system

    • Educational management

  • Pedagogy /Instructional dimensions

    • Innovation in Teaching-Learning

    • Innovation in Assessment

    • Interprofessional Education (IPE)

    • Medical Education Unit (MEU)

    • Medical Skill Centre (MSC)

    • Integrated teaching

    • Ambulatory care setting for HPE

    • E-learning

    • CME & CPD

  • Instructional Materials

    • Use of information technology in HPE

    • Instructional Materials in HPE

Probable Foreign Speakers :

Professor David Gordon
World Federation Medical Education (WFME)
The President
Prof. William (Bill) Burdick
Vice President for Education, FAIMER, USA
Dr. Ttimothy Grant Evans
Director and Associate Dean of the School of Population and Global Health (SPGH),
Faculty of Medicine
McGill University, Canada
Dr. Tomas Zapata
Regional Adviser HRH at WHO South-East Asia Region
Professor Trevor Gibbs
Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)
Professor Ronald M Harden
General Secretary
Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)
Dr. Titi Savitri
President, SEARAME
Dr. Dujeepa D. Samarasekera
President, WPAME
Professor Ibrahim Al Alwan
President, AMEEMR
Professor Nelson Sewankambo
President, AMSA
Professor Ricardo León-Borquéz
President, PAFAMS
Prof. Khunying Kobchitt
Past President, SEARAME
Prof. A.P.R. Aluwihare
Advisor, SEARAME
Sri Lanka
Prof P T Jayawickramarajah
Advisor, SEARAME
Sri Lanka
Prof Dr. Tin Tun
Vice President, SEARAME
Director (Post-Graduate Training), Dept of Medical Sciences Ministry of Health, Post-Graduate Lecturer in Medical Education, Department of Medical Education and Information Technology University of Public Health,
Yangon, Myanmar
Prof. Thomas V Chacko
Ex- Secretary-General, SEARAME
Director PSG-FAIMER Regional Institute, India
Prof. Dr J.P Agrawal
Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Ex - Country Representatives, SEARAME,Nepal
Prof. Dr Suwat Benjapponpitak
Country Representatives, SEARAME
Prof. Dr. Avinash Supe
Country Representatives, SEARAME
Director GSMC FAIMER Regional Institute, India
Prof. Dr. Indika Karunathilake
Country Representatives, SEARAME
Sri Lanka
Prof. Dr. Kinzang P Tshering
Country Representatives, SEARAME
Prof. Shekhar Babu Rizyal
Country Representatives, SEARAME
President AHPEN, Nepal
Prof. Dr Himanshu Pandya
Country Representatives, SEARAME
Immediate Past President, Academy of Health Professions Educators
Prof Darryl Macer
Secretary Asian Boiethics Association
Former Regional advisor of Asia & Pacific, UNESCO
Dr. Khaled M Hassan
Former MO (HRH) WHO

Last Date for Registration: 30 September 2021

Participants from Bangladesh: 3000/- + 60/- (more for bKash Charge)= Total 3060 BDT per person for online Registration.

Submit online registration fees with bkash charge 3060 BDT through bKash to this number 01717581557

Last Date for Abstract Submission: 30th September 2021

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Organized By:

Association for Medical Education (AME) Bangladesh,
South East Asia Regional Association for Medical Education (SEARAME) &
World Health Organization (WHO) Bangladesh